Your Nearest Lazy Dog:  

Scratch Kitchen

  • "Scratch Kitchen" means we make everything inside of our building.

    We order our ingredients fresh from our farmers, produce company & meat company. Everything is sliced, diced, chopped, seasoned and cooked in-house (instead of using processed prepackaged food). We're literally hand-crafting ingredients to create flavorful dishes like soups, sauces, salads, sandwiches & pizzas.

    Why go through all the trouble? Because we believe that food made from scratch tastes fresher and is just plain better! This is the future of casual dining. Guests can taste the quality and the care that has been put into each dish and every beverage. This is what sets Lazy Dog apart from our competition. 

  • Meet Chef Gabe

    Our King in the kitchen + the guy behind our food and beverage program: Family Man. Fisherman. Local Guy. Foodie. Beer-maker. Gardener. Recipe Dreamer. 

    Gabe gets a lot of his inspiration from his family and roots. Most recently he shared his Turkey Meatball recipe with our team. the same meatballs that are now on the menu in our small plate section. Gabe’s mom’s (Connie) recipe handed down by her mom, his Nonna.
    “Pinenuts and currants are traditional to put in meatballs on the island of Sicily. I used golden raisins for a twist in the Lazy Dog version. The Sicilian influence is felt throughout southern Italy and generally the influence stops moving north around Naples. Naples is where my parents were both born and raised. In recent years, my mom started making Nonna’s original beef meatballs healthier by using turkey and we decided it would be the perfect addition to our Lazy Dog menu.” - Chef Gabe

  • Travel Inspiration

    “On my last trip to Belize with family, we spent our days fishing and ate our catch. We had the pleasure of meeting some locals and they shared tips for cooking/showed us how they prepared the fish in their homes. That experience was used to develop the recipe for our Mahi Mahi dish. Travel is my favorite form of inspiration.“

    –- Chef Gabe





  • Nutritional Information

    For your convenience we have provided our most current Nutritional Information. At Lazy Dog Cafe we pride ourselves on using the freshest and finest ingredients and we use only the healthiest cooking techniques: grilling, steaming, roasting, and baking. Whenever possible, we use local, organic and humanely harvested ingredients because they just taste better. We understand you rely on us to deliver quality food, and we take that responsibility seriously. We hope this message finds you well, happy & Hungry!

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