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Celebrating Women's Leadership at Lazy Dog Restaurants

Celebrating Women's Leadership at Lazy Dog Restaurants

March 2024

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re shining a spotlight on the incredible female leaders at Lazy Dog Restaurants who are making waves in the industry. From assistant general managers to regional directors and executive chefs, these women are not only shaping the success of Lazy Dog but also inspiring the next generation of women in the restaurant industry. Without further ado …

Laura Palacios - Executive Chef - Euless/Glade Park

Laura’s journey in the restaurant industry began on the hospitality side at a large restaurant chain before she transitioned into a culinary position. Joining Lazy Dog as a sous chef, she worked her way up to become executive chef, making her the first female executive chef in the Texas region. She is proud to have paved the way for other female chefs and is dedicated to mentoring her culinary team. Laura describes her leadership style as results-driven, empowering and embodying the Lazy Dog core value of "Never Settle." She believes in leading by example, building confidence and empowering her team members to reach their full potential. To inspire the next generation of women in the industry, Laura hopes her journey serves as an example of what hard work and passion can achieve.

Fun fact about Laura: She can handle spicy food like a pro and always carries peppers and sauce with her!

Amy Shapiro - Assistant General Manager - Vernon Hills

Amy’s path in the restaurant industry began unexpectedly, but it was her passion and dedication that led her to where she is today. What set Amy's journey with Lazy Dog in motion was a memorable dining experience at Lazy Dog’s Valencia location. She had what she describes as the best restaurant dining experience ever, which made her apply for a position at the Downtown Summerlin location. From there, her career at Lazy Dog took off. Amy attributes her growth and achievements in the restaurant industry to her dedication and genuine connection with her teammates. Her leadership style is rooted in empathy and compassion; she values making genuine connections with her teammates and showing empathy in her interactions. Amy believes in celebrating small wins, hard work and dedication, and maintaining a positive attitude, all of which are essential traits for success in the industry. She hopes to inspire the next generation of women by being a leader they aspire to be, with a "never settle" attitude and a belief in themselves.

Fun fact about Amy: She’s a crafting enthusiast and loves using her Cricut to create personalized items!

Michele Patterson - Regional Director

Michele's journey in the restaurant industry started at a young age, and her dedication and hard work led her to various roles within the industry, eventually landing her a position at Lazy Dog Restaurants. Starting as a server, she swiftly advanced to shift lead and manager. Her unwavering dedication and industry passion propelled her to assistant general manager. Next, she supported new restaurant openings, working to develop other managers. She was then promoted to general manager at Town Square and swiftly to regional director for the Illinois and Virginia markets. Michele's leadership style is passionate, enthusiastic, supportive and direct. She believes in leading by example, empowering her team to reach their goals and never settling for anything less than the best. Michele's meaningful impact on her team was clear during the challenges brought on by the pandemic, where she successfully navigated rebuilding her team and community. For young women in the industry, she emphasizes the importance of asking questions, starting somewhere and pushing oneself to succeed.

Fun fact about Michele: She plays competitive dodgeball. Talk about teamwork!

Veronica Koebe - General Manager - LA Live

Veronica started her restaurant career at Mimi's Cafe, before joining Lazy Dog as a server. With dedication and support from her leaders, she rose through the ranks to become the general manager of one of Lazy Dog’s newest locations at L.A. LIVE. Veronica's leadership style is firm but fair, emphasizing empowerment and achieving success with grit and humility. She cherishes the connections she's made with her team and takes pride in their growth. Veronica hopes to inspire the next generation of women by demonstrating that it's possible to have it all through determination and hard work.

Fun fact about Veronica: Her pre-and post-work rituals include five minutes of meditation to set her intentions for the day and remind herself of all her blessings.

Daphine Felicitas - VP of Learning and Development - Home Office

Daphne's journey in the restaurant industry began with Lazy Dog in her current role of vice president of learning and development. She finds fulfillment helping others develop new skills and grow as leaders. Her leadership style aims to inspire confidence and build a positive environment for her team. Daphne draws inspiration from the women in her family, including her grandmother and mother, who instilled values of hard work, determination and love in her from a young age. She hopes to inspire the next generation of women in the industry by embodying great leadership and believing in themselves. Fun fact about Daphne: Her guilty pleasure food is carne asada fries and a Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae.

These women’s dedication, passion and leadership serve as an inspiration to us all. Join us in celebrating their achievements this Women’s History Month!

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