Cowgirl Cheese Dip + Pretzels

made with a wagon wheel cheese created by cowgirl creamery using organic cow’s milk from straus family dairy + our lazy dog ankle buster blonde, served with everything-bagel-spiced soft pretzels for dipping

Wild Boar Chili + Indigo Cornbread Fries

slow-cooked durham ranch wild boar + black bean chili, topped with jack + cheddar cheese, sour cream + radish-onion-cilantro relish

Shrimp + Grits

pan-seared jumbo shrimp, cheesy blue corn grits from geechie boy mill, housemade spicy sausage + bell pepper gravy

Lamb Shank Pot Pie

marcho farms lamb shank cooked in a savory garlic + red wine sauce, served open face with mashed potatoes, marinated tomatoes + veggies, with a salted-thyme pie crust

Maple Bacon Bar

made with delicate puff pastry, coombs family farms pure maple syrup, housemade salted maple cream, candied bacon, chocolate syrup, sugared almonds + fresh whipped cream 

Butternut Squash Soup

made from scratch daily, topped with coconut cream + toasted pumpkin seeds

Chili Cheese Dip + Indigo Cornbread Fries (happy hour)

made with durham ranch wild boar + black bean chili, ankle buster cheese sauce, jack + cheddar cheese, topped with green onions 

Lamb Barbacoa Tacos (happy hour)

marcho farms shredded lamb, housemade adobo sauce, jack + cheddar cheese, topped with a radish-onion-cilantro relish, queso blanco + roasted salsa