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Craft a DIY Winter Wonderland with Our Friends + Family Boxes

Craft a DIY Winter Wonderland with Our Friends + Family Boxes

Ever thought a takeout box could be more than something to hold your food in? We've unlocked a fun project for you this holiday season! Imagine turning your Lazy Dog Friends + Family meal box into a stunning masterpiece that’ll wow all your friends and families.

We've found a cool way to repurpose these boxes, crafted with picturesque mountains and trees, into breathtaking scenes that bring the essence of a winter wonderland right into your home. By adding a sprinkle of glitter snow for snow-capped peaks, cotton balls for a snowy landscape, and adorable tiny trees that can be picked up from any crafty store, we've created a stunning display for your fireplace or dinner table.

Follow along as we unveil the step-by-step process of turning these boxes into festive delightful winter wonderlands.

You will need:

• Two Lazy Dog Friends + Family Boxes (for a 24-inch mantel)*

• Cardboard cutter

• Scissors

• Masking tape

• Glitter Snow or a glue and glitter combination

• Paint brush

• Fake snow or cotton balls

• Miniature trees

• Ruler

Step One: Unfold and flatten your Friends + Family boxes. Take your scissors and cut the boxes along the folding lines of each of the four sides. Put aside the longer side panels with the mountains pictured on them.

Step One of Art Project

Step Two: Use a box cutter and trace and cut around the scenic mountain and tree line images. Be careful when cutting!Remove the top portion of the box. Make sure you leave the empty cardboard on the bottom below the mountains intact. You will need this to create the stand on the back. You’ll be left with four individual cardboard mountain ranges.

Step Two of Art Project

Step Three: Flip the boxes over so you’re looking at the back side of the cardboard. Using the blade, score (lightly cut so it can be folded) the bottom portion of the boxes just under the barcode and fold the cardboard up so it forms a stand. You can use a ruler for guidance. Use masking tape to set the ends of the cardboard in place. Set the boxes upright.

Step Three of Art Project

Step Four: Use a paintbrush to paint glitter snow on top of the mountains. If you don’t have glitter snow, you can also use glue on the mountain tops and sprinkle with your favorite glitter. Let it dry, then shake to remove any loose snow.

Step Four of Art Project

Step Five: Place your creation on top of your mantle or dinner table and add additional decorations. We recommend fake snow at the base of your mantle and miniature trees to add some pop!

Step Five of Art Project

Step Six: Finally, step back and admire your transformed takeout box creation! You've now crafted a winter wonderland scene that adds a touch of festive charm to your home.

Step Six of Art Project

As you gather around your fireplace or dinner table, let this picturesque scene serve as a reminder of the joy of crafting and the beauty found in the simplest of materials. May this holiday season be filled with warmth, creativity, and the magic of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Happy crafting and happy holidays from all of us at Lazy Dog!


Disclaimer: This project involves the use of sharp tools and materials that may not be suitable for unsupervised children. For safety reasons, it is recommended that adults undertake this project or that children participate under adult supervision.

*We used two Friends + Family meal boxes to create the four sets of mountains shown on the fireplace mantel above. Each Friends + Family meal box provides two mountain ranges that are a total of 12 inches long.

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