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DIY Handprint Flower Bouquet

DIY Handprint Flower Bouquet

Mother's Day 2020

We have everything you need to make the perfect breakfast in bed for Mom this year! Our limited edition Mother’s Day Brunch Kit also includes an awesome complimentary family craft kit to make mom a beautiful Handprint Flower Bouquet and card (instructions below). We hope this kit creates a special weekend at home that mom will never forget. Celebrate with us all weekend long! Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day, from our family to yours.


handprint flower bouquet


What’s included: 1 instruction page, 7 pieces of colored paper, 7 green pipe cleaners, 1 24” piece of pink ribbon , 1 white note tag. You will need: pencil, scissors, tape


craft materials



handprints on paper

1. Put yellow and green paper aside to use for later. With other colors, trace hands on colored paper. Cut seven handprints.


cut yellow paper

2. Cut four 2” x 9” strips from your yellow paper. (These will be the middle of each flower.)


cut yellow paper - part 2

3. Cut small slits in each strip, leave about 1/2” of space on the other side uncut. Cut fringed strips in half.


Tape to green pipe cleaner

4. Tape to the top of one green pipe cleaner. Then wrap the paper tight around itself, and tape closed.


wrap handprint around stem

5. Wrap each handprint around the top of stems, in the shape of an ice cream cone. Tape the handprint cone to close and secure in place. Repeat steps 4-5 on the other six pipe cleaners.


curl paper petals

6. Curl each flower petal outward by wrapping each petal outwards around a pencil to give it a curled petal look.


cut out leaf

7. Cut out the leaf shapes on your instructions page (included in kit) and use them as a template to trace leaves on green paper. Cut out traced leaves + poke a small hole with a pencil to slide on stems.


write a note to mom

8. Use white tag to write a love note to mom. Tie on handprint bouquet and then tie on pink ribbon! Tah-dah!


Please tag us @lazydogrestaurants and share your beautiful floral creations and love notes for mom!

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