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Hot Tips for Summer Grilling

Hot Tips for Summer Grilling

Fire up the grill! We have something sizzling hot tips for all you barbecue enthusiasts out there. Whether you're a seasoned BBQ master or just starting your journey, there's always room to learn and improve your grilling game. And who better to turn to than the diverse and talented individuals who make up our team here at Lazy Dog.

We’ve rounded up our teammates’ top tips for grilling. Read on and get ready to create some tasty eats that will wow your guests at your next cookout.

Corn on the grill

"If you’re cooking up tri-tip, there’s nothing better than marinating it with a beer base to tenderize the meat and add great flavor. Choose a classic domestic or imported lager so the beer flavor doesn’t overpower the rest of the spices. Then, add a spice rub. Mine contains the best spices every barbecue should have: salt, pepper and garlic. I also like to incorporate smoked paprika, onion powder and brown sugar (for pulled pork especially)."- Jordan Garcia, Server and Trainer at Lazy Dog Montclair

"Low and slow is my go-to grilling technique. It's a term that comes from Texas, where they tend to cook BBQ at low temperatures for long periods of time. It typically takes me between 6 and 14 hours to grill my food, depending on the cut of meat." - Alex Parra, Executive Chef at Lazy Dog Cypress

A person cracking an egg across a griddle and meat seasoned with sauce

"Having an instant read thermometer is so essential! Every cut of meat takes its own time to cook and temperature to hit in order to be perfect. The thermometer will instantly help with the consistency and quality of grilled food you are serving." - Jake Osterkamp, General Manager at Lazy Dog Summerlin

"Put together a rub by hand to add personal spice to your dish. My go-to spices are seasoning salt, paprika, garlic powder (maybe even some fresh minced garlic) and peppers. Whatever is in the spice cabinet can be a worthy ingredient!" - Rick Conlon, Assistant General Manager at Lazy Dog Valencia

Man cooking at grill and oysters on the grill


Three steaks seasoned with salt

"Safety is important while at the BBQ! Don’t wear any loose clothes while grilling and make sure the coals are completely cooled down before you get rid of them. Always dispose of coals in a metal container." - Maggie Thomas, Marketing Manager at Lazy Dog Home Office

"There’s nothing more romantic than a steak cooked to perfection for date night. Cooking for a crowd? Don’t forget the hot links and chicken wings. Between those three items, you will always please a crowd." - Jeff Ventura, General Manager at Lazy Dog Corona

"The key to grilling on the BBQ is starting off with a good fire that has a consistent flame. I use all-natural lump charcoal, and I get it started with a hand-held fire starter and small wick fire starter." - Victor Bertagna, Line Cook at Lazy Dog Fresno

Person grilling at the BBQ

Those tips are certainly helpful, but if you prefer to sit back and let someone else handle the grill, mark your calendars for our Summer Cookout Dinner happening July 17, 18 and 19. Join us for a limited time, 4-course culinary experience inspired by summer cookouts. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes like our BBQ Pulled Pork Plate and Bacon + Cheddar Biscuits, perfectly paired with our seasonal margarita sampler. Don't miss out on this epic summer event and dive into some delicious eats!

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