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Lazy Dog Campfire Club FAQs


What is the Lazy Dog Campfire Club (LDCC)?

LDCC is a monthly subscription program created for Lazy Dog lovers. Campfire Club members receive a free appetizer when signing up, monthly perks, takeout benefits and more for just $5 a month (taxes may apply). Members also get access to priority seating, early access to special events and new menus, and more. 


When do my membership benefits start?

Your benefits start the day you sign up! As soon as you are a member, you will receive a free app, an exclusive 10% takeout code, access to redeem your monthly perk and priority seating.


When do my membership benefits expire?

Your benefits are valid 30 days from when you signed up. For example, if you sign up on 1/15, your benefits will last until 2/13 and will auto-renew on 2/14.


What is the Lazy Dog Campfire Community? What’s the difference?

Lazy Dog Campfire Community is a complimentary program with exclusive benefits for loyal Lazy Dog fans. Check out the differences below:


What is included in the Lazy Dog Campfire Club?


Free Appetizer or Dessert

Benefit: Upon signing up, you will receive a free appetizer or dessert to use on a dine-in visit! Only applicable for new members. No minimum purchase required.

How to Redeem: Simply give your phone number to the server and let them know which app you would like to enjoy.



Monthly Offers

Benefit: Each month, you will be able to choose a free TV dinner to take home, appetizer, or dessert on a dine-in visit. 

How to Redeem: Simply give your phone number to the server and let them know which perk you would like to receive.


Priority Seating

Benefit: Add your name to the Priority Seating list when there is a wait at the restaurant.

How to Redeem: Inform the host stand that you are a member + provide them with your phone number. The restaurant staff will let you know your current wait time.


10% Off Takeout/Delivery Orders

Benefit: Receive 10% off takeout/delivery orders when ordering online with us. This monthly code will be sent to you when your membership renews each month.

How to Redeem: To take advantage of this benefit, place your order on our home page. When you are on the checkout page, please enter your monthly code to receive your 10% discount.


Priority Access to Events and Insider Details

Benefit: Get early access to events and be the first to find out about contests and new menus.

How to Redeem: You will receive emails with these special announcements. Be on the lookout!


Plus, we are always looking for ways to make our members’ experience even better by adding new benefits.


Can I roll over my Lazy Dog Campfire Club benefits?

Your LDCC benefits, including monthly offers, do not roll over from month to month and will refresh when your membership renews. Benefit expire after 30 days so be sure to use your benefits each month!


Can I use multiple Lazy Dog Campfire Club benefits on one check?

Offers can’t be combined with any other offers at this time.


How can I find out what Lazy Dog Campfire Club benefits I have available?

Check in with your server and provide them with your phone number. They will be able to let you know which benefits you have available for dine-in. Be sure to check your email each month for updates on your latest perks. 



How much does LDCC cost?

The membership costs $5 per month (taxes may apply).


When will I be charged for the next month?

You will be charged for the next month 30 days after sign-up. Your membership will auto-renew every 30 days. For example, if you signed up on 1/15, then you will auto-renew on 2/13.


How do I cancel?

For all cancellation requests, please email us at [email protected] at least 5 days prior to your next charge. Please remember it is the member's responsibility to email us with adequate time.



What is a “home restaurant”?

When you sign up for the LDCC, you must select a participating restaurant to be your “home restaurant.” This is just so we know your preferred location. You will be able to redeem your benefits at any participating Lazy Dog Campfire Club location.


Can I change my account information?

For any changes to your account information, please email us at [email protected].


Can I join Lazy Dog Campfire Club and Lazy Dog Beer Club?

Of course — the more the merrier! You will able to redeem both membership benefits in the restaurant. Please note that offers cannot be combined on the same check.


Still have questions? Please email us at [email protected].

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