New Happy Hour Menu

New Happy Hour Menu

Pig Candy Grilled Cheese

bacon candy, beeler’s family farm pork belly, havarti, cypress grove goat cheese, cream cheese + hatch pepper jelly, grilled parmesan sourdough toast



Jackfruit Falafel Tacos

crispy jackfruit seasoned with baharat spices, housemade hummus, feta, cucumber-tomato relish, green goddess dressing, served in lettuce wraps


Peking Pork Belly Pancakes

beeler’s family farm pork belly, hoisin sauce + spicy carrot slaw piled on four mini charred sweet corn + scallion pancakes topped with micro cilantro





new seasonal House Beers

Chase the Sun Shandy

with a bright hint of lemon, this shandy is mouthwatering + crushable, like pouring summertime in a glass // ABV 4.2%


Whoa, Nellie Mexican-Style Lager

introducing our spankin’ new Mexican-style lager, refreshing taste you can sip all summer long // ABV 5.2%


Our House Beers

Ankle Buster Blonde

clean + refreshing, with just the right touch of sweetness // ABV 4.8%


Huckleberry Haze IPA

refreshing notes of huckleberry, tropical fruit, citrus, + hints of strawberry // ABV 6.7%


Sun Spanked Red

medium-bodied, slightly toasty irish-style red ale // ABV 5.3%


Howling Hive Hefe

nice bready body, subtle notes of banana + clove // ABV 4.6%


Liquid Blanket IPA

hints of citrus, pine, with a medium malt build // ABV 6.5%



Our seasonal recipes + new house beers are now being served (please call your location for availability and hours). We can’t wait to hear what you think! Share your photos with us by tagging us on IG @lazydogrestaurants and using the #ldtable hashtag. 

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